Mountain Biking and Cycling Tips

" When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a
new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't
work that way so I stole one and asked Him
to forgive me." -- Emo Philips.

Mountain Biking for Pleasure

Become acquainted with Mountain Bike riding. You can explore the countryside that you have taken for granted by seeing it all a whole new pace to the one seen by dashing past in a car. Mountain bike riding and touring lets you see and feel the enviroment you live in. When you go for holidays be sure to take your bikes with you so you can explore in unforgettable detail the magic of your destination. In Europe Mountain Bike touring is very popular and excursions can be arranged to journey through the beauty of the Tuscany,through the grandeur of the Alps with mountainbike camps. Explore the paths all around Kitzbühel.

Some mountain bike rides remain unforgettable. See the beauty of an enviroment with fresh eyes and in the company of a loved one etches everlasting memories. Even the ones that seem a little torturous at the time because of a unaccomodating hill or perhaps a mean headwind, so be sure to plan well ahead and get yourself moderately fit and healthy so that your mountain bike experience is a fantastic experience.

In addition : Avoid the jams and beat the queues and get to work and play the smart way.

Riding your bike at night

If you like riding at night...., your bike must be fitted with reliable reflectors and a strong headlight and tail light. An important safety feature such as horn or bell. Your bike should have some form of warning devise, for your own safety.

Always wear light - coloured clothing so everyone can see you clearly. Orange flourescent vests and bicycle flags are also available from good bike shops. Proper, closed in shoes should also be worn - bare feet, thongs or sandals can get tangled in the pedals and chain.

Where there are no mountain bike trails and you have to ride on the road, keep well to the left, ride in a straight line about one metre from the curb. Bicycles are recognised as legal road vehicles. This means that every bike rider must obey the same road rules and signs as all drivers.

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