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This is a popular holiday pastime, but it can also be one of the most dangerous.Your bike should always be in first class condition. Check it thoroughly before you ride, taking parting particular notice of its brakes, both front and rear. Always wear a helmet, even if youre only going a short distance. Good quality helmets are available at all good bike shops. Only buy a helmet that's approved by the Standars Association of Australia (SAA). Choose either yellow or white - they are much easier to see than black or other dark colours.

Some Bike rides remains unforgettable. See the beauty of an enviroment with fresh eyes and in the company of a loved one etches everlasting memories. Even the ones that seem a little torturous at the time because of a unaccomodating hill or perhaps a mean headwind, so be sure to plan well ahead and get yourself moderately fit and healthy so that your mountain bike experience is a fantastic experience.


Road accidents are the single biggest killer of thousands of people per year..... Some were injured most were killed. But there are simple safety precautions that you can take to minimise accident.

Most accidents occur when vehicles pull out of driveways and side streets, or because a person has a poor control of the bike, which results on a collision with other object. Make sure that you know the road rules relating to cycling. Important riding skills can be practised away from the road-or in the other place specially for bikes. A person riding a bike should be able to stop in given point; stop unexpectedly without skidding; ride in a straight line without wobbling; and turn to avoid obstacles.

And also at night ensuring that your wearing a bright color clothes when riding. Make sure yor bikes has a reflectors, rear and front brakes that are working. A head lamp and bell fitted. Check the height of the seat and handlebars.


Eight out of ten bike riders died from the head injuries. To avoid serious head injuries or death, make sure your wearing a proper fitted bicycle helmets. The helmet must be of rigid construction. The inside of the shell should be line in a firm, energy absorbent material like polystyrene foam and free of any projections. The helmet should be fitted with the chin strap or something else to hold the helmet securely. There should be a minimum of restriction to vision.

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