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Cycling Tours: Great Adventure Travel that People Love!

Some of you are probably considering adventure travel for the very first time and wonder what this whole idea of "adventure travel cycling tours" is about. Cycling tours involve fine food and great lodging, pampering by professional and engaging leaders, and support from a van that carries your luggage and serves as your traveling snack bar, bike repair shop, and personal transport should you need it. Given all those amenities, you may also wonder what's so bold and adventuresome about adventure travel.

There really is a lot more to our kind of adventure travel cycling than amenities. Part of what makes bike tours special is the bicycling, of course. But the adventure is also made up of a great number of special experiences, both large and small, that make each person's vacation unique. You will surely be enthralled with the handsome churches, spectacular views, historic sites, and quaint towns. Equal, perhaps, to these larger sensations, will be your memory of the snapping bright taste of an apple you just picked; the warmth and friendliness of the owner of a general store; the experience of coaxing sheep across a roadway so that you can ride past; the fun of tromping down an ancient path that winds past a romantic castle; visiting a sugarhouse and sampling pure Vermont maple syrup; establishing friendships with local people as well as folks in your group; enjoying some iced tea on the porch of your inn; riding a ferry across a lake; biking on one of the many forested trails; seeing deer on the edge of a pasture in the evening light; listening to the clatter of your bicycle as you cross the hard wood flooring of yet another covered bridge; soothing your tired feet in the flow of a spring-fed brook; feeling a quiet sense of satisfaction at the end of a day's ride; winning (finally) an after-dinner game of cribbage; or taking an evening stroll along a quiet dirt road.

Part of the experience is also in the absence of things, such as cell phones, billboards, decisions, cars, and bustle. The cycling is all at your own pace, but so is everything else. You simply do the organizing and planning. Then your job is simply to enjoy yourself.

So while the cycling is certainly an important part of the adventure, it is also important for you, to realize that it is really just one perfect part of the total experience. You are engaged in not just a bike tour, but in a whole range of conscious (and not so conscious) interactions with a new environment, including new and different people, places, sounds, smells, and perceptions.

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